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Game Republic is best recognised for our gaming lounge, extensive circulation of games and local tournaments. But our recent surge in popularity has given the team the opportunity to expand the entertainment experiences we can offer. Karaoke rooms, pool tables, Mahjong rooms and a bar are part of this ambitious expansion. We want to expand the brand name beyond gaming transcend to be a recognised entertainment centre.


There is no shortage of cheap karaoke places in Brisbane and Gamer Republic is definitely a great choice for you. Game Republic is Brisbane’s Best Karaoke Bar for you even if you are not a big singer or looking for the right platform to showcase your talent. We strive to be an obvious choice as one of Brisbane’s best karaoke bars where you can sing your heart out. With delicious snacks, we always strive to serve you with the best experience ever.

We make sure you get a better experience when more people join and this is why our customers prefer among the best karaoke bars in Brisbane. We ensure nothing could beat us when you want a great choice according to your needs. Our karaoke place welcomes socially-conscious people to have unlimited fun here. Now, warm up your vocal cords and enjoy at one of the cheapest karaoke places in Brisbane.


Karaoke rooms have been the forefront of our entertainment expansion, and has received tremendous feedback from our frequent users. The rooms are also available for the karaoke enthusiast who are not too keen on gaming during their night out but want to experience the GR atmosphere. Here, singers can sing to their heart contents while being served beverages of their liking. Five rooms available with each varying is size, accommodation size, and design.


No entertainment hub is ever complete without the youth centric pool tables. These tables are provided for all visitors of GR, from our frequent users a place to take a break from gaming to newer customers who are interested in experiencing the latest entertainment GR has to offer. To maximise the relaxation and enjoyment factor a bar has been situated right next to the pool tables, with an extensive list of beverages.


As a wildcard of our expansion, GR wants to give every visitor a chance to take part in the traditional Chinese game of Mahjong. One of our many goals for this entertainment project was to give the community a chance to experiment with different forms of entertainment. For the more strategic minded people, Mahjong is a game that is rarely available for the younger generation because of its perceived barrier of entry. GR wants to give this youthful generation the opportunity to participate and learn about this beloved game of strategy, negotiation and cooperation. Four private rooms are available with a mahjong table, four seats and mahjong set. We have simplified the design of these rooms in order to allow the players to concentration on the game rather than be mesmerised by the décor. To find out more about our entertainment expansion, follow us on our social media or come visit us experience it yourselves! We look forward to seeing you there.



Choose the best karaoke bars in Brisbane that offers you with a varied selection of beverages, has been constructed as a complement to this ambitious entertainment project. The GR team has designed the lighting, music and décor to create an atmosphere that is stimulating and enjoyable for our customers to hang out with their peers. As a necessity of any bar, soft drinks, specialty bubble tea and alcoholic beverages are available at the GR bar. The bar is close to the pool tables, mahjong room and karaoke room, in order to provide hydration for our customers.


Minors are permitted on the premises up to 5:00pm with an adult or guardian. After 5:00pm access is restricted to adults aged 18 years and over. Minors are permitted on the premises at all hours the buisness is trading only if: 1. they are attending a bonafide private function (birthday party etc); or 2. if they are employed to work at the premises. All areas of the premises are sufficiently lit. This is to ensure that staff can easily note the details of evidence of age provided by patrons. All staff are trained in what constitutes acceptable evidence of age as per the Liquor Act (1992).

In order to ensure minors are not allowed entry to the premises only the following forms of identification are accepted:  -Australian driver licence or learner permit -Foreign driver licence -Passport (from any country) -Adult proof of age card -Australia Post key pass identity card -Australia Post key pass (digital ID) -South Australia Drivers Licence (digital ID)


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